As we start the new year perhaps you have a goal, or resolution, to spend less time on your phone.  How is that going for you?

Our phones are filled with apps that are all meant to do one thing, entertain you.  OK, that's what we tell ourselves.  But really, the apps are there for one thing, for that company to keep you on the app longer to make money.

A new study has figured out how much time a day, week, and year we are spending on 8 of the biggest apps out there.  While we appreciate you in Iowa reading this on your phone, the below numbers might shock you into putting it down for a couple of minutes.

What Is The Most Popular App In Iowa


While some apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and WhatsApp have seen massive increases over the past few years it's still the OGs that get the most screen time per week.

YouTube comes in at just over 12 hours a week.  But it feels like that could also be mixed with the amount of YouTube that is actually on TV and showing real shows now.

At a close second is Facebook with just under 12 hours a week.  While people complain about it (and you may be reading this after seeing it on Facebook) 75% of American Adults use the book.

A Lot Of Scrolling Is Being Done In Bed

Oleg Elkov
Oleg Elkov

If you are dressed like that in bed you better not be on your phone.  But, 68% of Americans say they use a phone/tablet before going to bed.

The most common reason why at 56% is "To wind down".  Do you wind down scrolling through your feed or do you just get fired up when you see dumb things?  Think about it.

51% say it's to reply to messages.  45% use it to check in on something that's happening.  27% check how many likes they got.  24% to post new content.

How Much Time People Are Spending On TikTok

Popular Video App Tik Tok Under National Security Review
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Out of the top-used apps in America, none is more controversial than TikTok.  Well, maybe now "X" but that's for different reasons.

But that isn't stopping its massive growth.  The time spent on TikTok is up 88% over the year and Americans are now spending 10.68 hours a week on the app.  That means over a year, people are spending 2 weeks of the year watching videos on TikTok.

With all that time being spent on TikTok, I appreciate you finding this story on some other app that has words and stuff.  Take a look at all the numbers from Mattress Next Day for app use below.

AppsScreentime Monday-Friday (hours per week) Screentime Saturday-Sunday (hours per week)% increaseDays per year spent (weekend screentime)
X (Twitter)2.746.4133%12.8

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