Let's face it. We're living in a time where something called 'cancel culture' is going to far. The beginning of the movement was simple enough. Let's recognize material that has racist or sexist undertones, and get rid of them when necessary. But we've lost our way. Now, we cancel anything and everything that might possibly be connected to something uncomfortable from our history. We don't take the time to put these things into proper context.

But Turner Classic Movies is going to try. They're kicking off a brand new show tonight called 'Reframed'. During each episode, a film will be featured from the 1920's through 1960's that have issues more apparent during these modern times we live in. There will be in depth discussions on those issues and why they are culturally significant. No cancelling a movie because of certain depictions. Just a discussion on why those images are wrong today. Tonight's episode will feature 'Gone With the Wind'. 

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Other classic movies that will be shown and discussed include Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Searchers, My Fair Lady, Stagecoach, Women of the Year, Psycho, and more. TCM says that these films are obscure pieces, they're classics. The best of the best in classic movies. The 'Reframed' series will air every Thursday through March 25th.

TCM says that there are things that can be learned from any work of art. The goal of the show is to not just cancel things from different eras, but to discuss them. It goes for classic movies. It should also go for a lot more things in today's world. Before we cancel everything that makes us uncomfortable.


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