Have you ever left the movie theater feeling like you need a drink? That's exactly how I felt after seeing the new movie A Quiet Place on Saturday afternoon.

Since I saw the first trailer in theaters a few months ago, I have been dying to see A Quiet Place. Not only did it look phenomenal, but it stars two of my favorite actors: real life couple John Krasinski (Jim from 'The Office') and Emily Blunt. I usually try not to do this, but I set very high expectations for the film, and I'm happy to report that it blew all those expectations out of the water.


A Quiet Place is about a family that is forced to live in silence after Earth has been taken over by blind aliens that hunt by sound. Because there is very little dialogue in the movie, the actors performances are that much more impressive. The raw emotion they are able to portray without speaking is absolutely unreal. This movie had me so on edge that I was afraid to make a single sound in the theater. At one point my friend coughed and I looked at her and whispered, "are you trying to get us KILLED?" I stretched my shirt out from hiding inside of it, that's how intense it was. If you like dramatic, suspenseful thrillers, this movie is 100% for you.

Something I didn't know until just before I saw the film was that it was actually written by two guys from right here in Iowa. According to Iowa Alumni Magazine, UI alumni and Bettendorf natives Bryan Woods and Scott Beck wrote the original screenplay for A Quiet Place. The article states that, "Beck and Woods first developed a rough concept as UI students and sold the screenplay last year to Paramount Pictures."

Even though the movie has been released, the duo is as busy as ever. They are reportedly in the process of editing another horror thriller called Haunt and has a deal with Paramount to write and direct another new movie. If that's not enough, they're also planning a TV show with Sony. If the rest of their work is half as good as A Quiet Place, I will definitely be watching whatever it is they come up with!

Read more about Bryan and Scott HERE.

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