WARNING: This story features adorable videos of cats. Be warned going forward. It is not for the faint of heart. 

Also, it will feature videos with colorful language that might not be safe for work.

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I was scrolling through Tik Tok one day and kind of fell down a very specific rabbit hole. I've been missing the cats that my family adopted my senior year of college LIKE CRAZY. To fill the void since my apartment doesn't let me have pets, I emotionally invest in OTHER people's cats.

I know that's kind of sad...

My big find after scrolling was discovering a toothless cat a few months ago named Pot Roast. She was an adorable, sick-looking cat that I immediately fell in love with. This black and white cat's attitude towards everything was incredibly relatable.

Think Grumpy Cat but if Grumpy Cat had a hilarious mom and a Tik Tok account...

Since Pot Roast didn't have opposable thumbs or an understanding of how the internet works, her mom (who has remained nameless) would post sweet and downright hilarious videos of the cat.

What we do know about "Pot Roast's Mom" is that she is based out right here in the Midwest.

She confirmed that she does live in Missouri in a video last year after responding to a Tweet.

"Pot Roast the cat and his mom look like they live in Missouri."

Unfortunately, Pot Roast did pass away in February of this year. Her mom did detail the awful grieving process that many people go through when losing a beloved pet.

Luckily, a few months later Pot Roast's Mom became a cat mom AGAIN when she started fostering 7 kittens.

The unnamed Tik Tok sensation with 1.2 million followers, ended up having two "foster fails" and adopted two of the cats.

Faucet and Coupon (weird names I know but I love them) found a permanent home with this Midwestern cat mom. Pot Roast's Mom continues to document the daily goings on of these silly cats.

This young woman is located in Kansas City, Missouri and recently left her full-time job.

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