Sometimes the internet can be a dark and dangerous place. In this instance, social media proved to be a wonderful and lifechanging tool for one family owned restaurant.

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I was scrolling through social media one evening, when I saw all of my favorite Tik Tok creators stitching/sharing a video of a daughter's heartbreaking video about her mother.

In the original video, Joy, the owner of an Illinois based restaurant was staring at the entrance to her empty business. Her daughter posted a video capturing the moment saying,

"It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door everyday waiting for a customer to walk in."

Then the caption to this video really tugs at your heartstrings...

"I wish I could give her customers for Christmas."

You can watch the video down below!

After that one video, her Christmas wish came true.

Located in Glenview, Illinois this restaurant had the short video from their channel blow up with nearly 37 million views and 67 thousand comments as of December 11th. Taco-Bout-Joys...

First off can we talk about how amazing that name is?

...actually saw those digital numbers turn into real life customers. Joy's daughter posted this video on Thursday, December 8th and by Friday customers were lining up outside of Taco-Bout-Joys.

They actually had to bring in some of their friends and family to help out in the kitchen because of how well business was going. Some of their most popular tacos actually sold out that day too!

Popular creators like Ophelia otherwise known as Mama Tot played a major role in this Midwestern Christmas miracle.

"There's probably a lot of heart and soul that's been put into it..."

"Unacceptable! Nope! Will not accept that this is that woman's truth," a Tik Tok creator known as Momma Cusses said in a video response to the original post.

"We're gonna to take care of that, mama..." the creator said before encouraging her followers to go check out the restaurant.

If you're flying during the holidays through O'Hare in Chicago, just a heads up; the now Tik Tok famous spot is only 18 minutes from the airport!

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