As Caitlin Clark breaks more NCAA records every week, some in the basketball community seemingly want to tear her down. And Hawkeye fans are having none of it! Perhaps no one has drawn the ire of Iowa fans quite like Sheryl Swoopes.

As you probably heard, Swoopes told outright lies about Clark during a recent podcast. Sadly, she could have learned the truth with a simple Google search. Swoopes claimed Clark is 25 years old, takes 40 shots per game, and is only breaking the record thanks to an extra year of eligibility. The University of Iowa responded with this simple tweet.

Everything Swoopes said was false. Clark is a 22-year-old 4th-year senior. She averages 19 shots per game. Needless to say, Iowa fans were not happy, including this faithful Hawkeye fan. So I did what so many other supporters of Caitlin Clark did. I let her know how disappointed I was by her comments.

Did I expect my tweet to be the one that brought sanity and reason to the topic? No. But I thought that Swoopes would finally see the error of her ways and make a public apology. I truly believe that she is better than this. For those that don't know or remember, Swoopes was once called the 'female Michael Jordan'. She is a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist, a 3 time WNBA MVP, and is in the Basketball Hall of Fame! Simply issue an apology and fans will move on! Swoopes has chosen a different route.

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She blocked me. Many other Iowa fans who tweeted at her got the same online honor. I think this only makes things worse.

As Caitlin Clark sets her sights on college basketball's record book, she should be celebrated. She is a great teammate and a wonderful role model for girls and boys alike. A talent like Clark may not be seen for another generation, and perhaps never again in the state of Iowa. So in the words of another Iowa fan...don't be a Sheryl.

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