The sweet little candy hearts will return to shelves this Valentine's Day, but with some changes.

As you may recall, conversation hearts were Iowa's favorite Valentine's Day candy once upon a time. That was until last year when they were not sold due to an ownership change in the company. CNBC reports that the candy will be back on shelves this year, but there will be some noticeable changes.

Those changes include fewer sayings, a slightly different taste, and they won't be as present everywhere. The silent hearts will be more frequent due to an issue with the printing equipment, and they may taste different because the new ownership is going back to the original recipe that would bring back flavors like banana and wintergreen. You may have to hunt around, but at least they'll be around this year.

The best place to find Sweethearts this Valentine's Day will be at drugstores like CVS and Walgreen's, according to the report. Although, the supply is limited this year, the company's goal is to return to normal production capacity by 2021.

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