One of Iowa's oldest businesses just happens to be a candy shop, and it is once again being recognized as one of the best candy shops in the United States.

That store is the historic Wilton Candy Kitchen in Wilton, Iowa. KWQC points out that the shop is more than just a candy store, it is a living piece of history. Owner Lynn Ochiltree says that the shop first opened in 1860. A soda fountain was added in the 1880s. 164 years later, the little candy shop is still going strong and garnering national attention. Wilton Candy Kitchen has been nominated for USA Today's Best Candy Shop in the Nation.

Ochiltree told KWQC that the store sees visitors from all over the country and the world. She stated that they are ambassadors to an old-fashioned type of business that no longer is around. The store serves up all kinds of candy, ice cream treats, and more. But perhaps the biggest draw is the turn-of-the-century soda fountain. Enjoy some amazing old-fashioned phosphates in unique flavor combinations.

Facebook via Wilton Candy Kitchen
Facebook via Wilton Candy Kitchen

KWQC reports that the summer season at the Wilton Candy Kitchen means nearly 300 visitors per day, including people from as far away as New York and Los Angeles. Ochiltree says that nearly 60% of the store's business comes from outside the state of Iowa. Nearly 35,000 people visit the tiny shop every year. Voting is open now in the USA Today contest. You can vote for the Wilton Candy Kitchen HERE!

So the next time you're in the mood for a sweet treat, head to the tiny town of Wilton in nearby Cedar and Muscatine counties. The Wilton Candy Kitchen has been serving customers for eight generations. Get a soda just like your mom and dad did when they were young!

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