Thanks to Caitlin Clark and the amazing Iowa Women's Basketball team, the Hawkeye State has been getting a whole lot of attention. The team made it to the championship round of March Madness but lost to LSU.

Even though they didn't cinch the win, they've become one of the most beloved teams in college sports.

It's not just Iowans who are excited about Caitlin Clark smashing through records, some celebrities have taken a shine to her.

You've got the typical sports legends who have given her a shout out. However, I was scrolling through social media when I saw a post from a surprising celebrity fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes; Mick Foley.

Foley is a retired wrestling legend and author. He is a three-time WWE champion, originally from Indiana. He shared on social media that he's been a fan of Caitlin Clark during her sophomore season at the University of Iowa.

The pro-wrestling great says he is all in on "Caitlin Mania."

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"I could not even recall her name on those first few YouTube journeys, just typing in “Iowa women’s basketball” and marveling time and time again - first at Clark’s long-range prowess, but later, at her ability to drive the lane, to find the open teammate; to see the entire floor in a way that very few women (or men) are able to do."

Which Game Will Mick Foley Be Attending?

If you are thinking that you might be able to catch Foley at one of the women's home games this season, then you're out of luck. He won't be making a stop at Carver-Hawkeye Arena this season.

This three-time WWE champ will be going to the game that the Lady Hawkeye's will be playing away against Indiana on February 22nd.

Iowa v Iowa State
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Due to his schedule, Foley couldn't swing a March Madness game to see Caitlin Clark in 2023.

How Much Did He Spend on His Ticket?

You'd think that all celebrities get to go to whatever event they want to for free, right? Things are just given to them, or their managers can pull a few strings.

That wasn't the case for Foley...

In his Facebook post, he confirmed that he purchased a single ticket with a "significant after-market mark-up."

His single ticket for this away game cost him $240, and if you take into account the gas money he's putting out for the 1,500-mile car trip to see them, and the $150 night in a hotel, he's ending up paying a pretty penny.

But "...the honor of watching a college phenomenon change and grow the game of women’s basketball: priceless."

See the full Facebook post down below!

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