We are excited to welcome a new bakery to the city of Cedar Rapids! The highly-anticipated Dirty Dough has officially opened its doors to customers.

Located at 2811 Wiley Blvd SW, Dirty Dough is a growing chain that sells a unique type of cookie. They call them "super-stuffed cookie bombs!" The company's website reads:

"You won’t find a thicker, softer, more gooey or flavorful cookie than the ones from Dirty Dough. The 'Dirty' refers to all of the fillings, mix-ins and layers that go into our special cookie process."

The Cedar Rapids Dirty Dough is the first location in the state of Iowa, and they officially opened their doors yesterday (February 5th). The shop was not able to utilize their drive-thru for opening day, but they still had plenty of folks stop in to get their cookie fix! They wrote on Facebook:

"What a day! Thank you all for stopping and most of all for your patience. We experienced quite a few growing pains, but with time it will get better. We are so thankful and grateful to all the amazing people who came and took part in this day with us. Again, THANK YOU"

The flavors available right now at Dirty Dough include Chocolate Chip, Brookie, Cookies n Creme, Raspberry Toaster Tart, Fruity Crisp, and PB & Jealous. There is also a gluten-friendly Oatmeal Raisin option. Much like Crumbl Cookies and other cookie chains, the menu changes frequently.

Early reviews of the new Dirty Dough are overwhelmingly positive! A Facebook comment from Adreanna M Green reads:

"Cookies and cream by far was the best. Second was the fruity pebbles, third was the chocolate chip, last was the brookie."

Another review from user Brittany Nicole says:

"They were just brought into us at Wildside and must I say WOW! We are obsessed. So goood!! The chocolate chip has my heart but also the brookie"

If you're interested in giving Dirty Dough a try, the shop is now open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can order in advance on their website HERE.

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