All's well that ends well, right? Not always. This is, at best, a strange story. At worst, it's the beginning of a criminal case.

via WQAD
via WQAD

The picture above is of a beautiful Siberian Husky named Feather. According to her owner, she was stolen from an East Moline yard six months ago. Following a very odd Facebook message, she was recovered from Cedar Rapids and is back at home.

Last September, Feather was left out in the backyard for about 30 minutes, "on a cable that screws into the ground." When the family went to retrieve her, the cable and stake were still there. No collar, and no Feather.

In her search to try to find Feather, Briana Martin discovered a post from a Davenport mechanic who said he'd found a female Husky just blocks from Martin's East Moline home. Briana responded with information about Feather, to no avail. She told WQAD,

They said they had taken her into Davenport but lost her after a month and a half.

Fast forward to the present and a Facebook message she received from the same Davenport mechanic shop that read,

My cousin just informed me that my parents stole your dog out of my yard. I don't talk to them so I didn't know they had her. I was given this as their address.

The address provided was nearly 90 miles away... in Cedar Rapids. The CRPD was contacted by East Moline authorities, who then went to the home. When Cedar Rapids Police arrived, Feather was, indeed, there. She would be reunited with the Martin family within hours.

Martin met with East Moline police yesterday about pressing charges against the person who, allegedly, stole the dog. WQAD contacted the man who reached out to Briana on Facebook. They report "He said he is happy he could help reunite them." The TV station also attempted to contact the man's father... the person the son says stole the dog. He did not respond.

I told you this was a strange story...

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