40 long days. That's how long many Iowans have been waiting for their neighborhood Starbucks location to reopen. That's not to say that all Starbucks have been closed. Locations inside Hy-Vee stores, and the seemingly always-swamped location in front of PetSmart in northeast Cedar Rapids, have continued to serve up cups of pure glory. There are seven locations currently open in the Cedar Rapids metro, but plenty of others here and across the state have been closed since March 20.

Starbucks says about 50 percent of its stores across the nation are closed currently, but they'll open company-operated stores starting next week with nearly all of them open by the first day of June. However, as with so many other businesses, things will be different.

According to Business Insider, most Starbucks won't let customers inside. If they do, expect to see seating removed and replaced by markers for social distancing. Drive-thrus will be open and if you typically order via the Starbucks mobile app and pick up your items, that too will change. You'll now get your drink and/or food items where you'd normally enter the store, via an employee. Starbucks calls it "entryway hand off."

Starbucks stores will open based on a variety of factors, including local government guidance.

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