Winter is officially overwith... at least we hope it stays away as the racing season roars back to life tonight and Sunday. The Cedar County Raceway along with Darkside Promotions is all set to go with the 1st annual SpringFling.

Featured in today & tonight's racing action are the Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sportmods, 4 Stocks, Modlites & Outlaws. Look for a great field of cars for all classes. Modifieds are paying $3,000 to win, Sportmods $2,222 to win, Stock Cars $2,000. Outlaws will race for $500 to win, with Mod lites $400 to win, and 4 Stocks $300 to win.

Pits opened up at 1 today with hot laps at 4 p.m.

The racing action continues on Sunday afternoon at the Cedar County Raceway as day 2 of the SpringFling starts with hot laps at 1 p.m. Racing on Sunday are...

$1000.00 to win Modifieds
$500.00 to win Sportmods
$300.00 to win Hobby Stocks
9 to 1 Sportsman
$800.00 to win 2 man's
$500.00 to win Stockcars

For more information, check out Darkside SpringFling on facebook.

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