A Waterloo man will be spending nearly two years in federal prison after pleading guilty to having photos of himself with guns on social media when he was a drug user.

18-year-old Jumonie D. Wilson of Waterloo was sentenced Tuesday after agreeing to a plea deal in June in which he admitted having guns on two different occasions in January of 2019. Wilson was using marijuana at the time. After two separate social media posts showing him with a gun, police found him in possession of the weapon. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier also says other posts to social media showed Wilson using marijuana. After the first post, Wilson tossed a gun out a window at his residence as police prepared to search the building.

During sentencing, Wilson was sent to federal prison for 21 months for carrying weapons and for possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver. The federal system has no parole. After Wilson serves the federal sentence, he will be on supervised release for three years.

Wilson is currently in the Linn County Jail in Cedar Rapids awaiting transfer to federal prison.

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