Shoveling snow in the month of October is now what any of us were expecting. But Cedar Rapids residents need to remember to get that snow off the sidewalks ASAP, or it could mean a BIG fine.

Before the winter weather hit, the Cedar Rapids city council last week approved a 26% fee increase for clearing city sidewalks if residents fail to do so. That fine will now cost you $511. City code requires residents to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks within 48 hours of the snowfall. Sidewalks are considered a public right of way, but adjacent property owners are still responsible for them.

City officials say clear sidewalks are important as residents try to reach bus stops, businesses, and other destinations. During recent winters, complaints about obstructed sidewalks are on the rise. Just two years ago there were only 34 such complaints. Last winter there were 392!

The bottom line is, shovel your walk or pay the price!


[via Gazette]

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