Snapchat is known for messages that disappear and sharing moments as they happen. But now you'll be able to share moments from your past. Thanks to an update to the app, you'll now be able to save snaps in a folder called 'Memories' and share them at a later date.

Despite the new feature, Snapchat is being careful to stay true to what made it so popular in the first place, private messages that disappear once read or viewed. Also featured in this week's update is another folder called 'My Eyes Only'. You can save snaps and stories in this folder and protect them with a passcode. If you forget the code or reset it, all the snaps in the folder are deleted.

Snapchat's new features will be rolled out over the next month. You'll receive a snap from their official team when you're able to use them on your mobile device.


[via CNN]

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