One Powerball ticket matched all six numbers drawn during Wednesday night's drawing to take home the third largest jackpot in U.S. history. According to lottery officials, the winning ticket was sold in Wisconsin. The drawing was the first time the jackpot had been won in 2019.

In case you have yet to check your tickets, the winning numbers were 44,62, 20, 37, 16, and the Powerball was 12. The odds of hitting all those numbers? One in 292.2 million. The winner will now have to decide whether to take the lump sum, $477 million before taxes, or the installment plan which would spread their payments out over 29 years.

If you didn't win the big one, check those tickets anyway. Lottery officials say that 5.4 million tickets won some sort of prize. There were seven tickets sold that matched all the numbers minus the Powerball. Those tickets are worth $1 million. Two other tickets sold matched those numbers and used the Power Play option. Those tickets are worth $2 million.


[via KCRG]

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