If you remember taking some CPR lessons in high school, you aren't alone. I remember learning how to do CPR back in health class in high school. I don't believe we were ever certified, but at least we learned some about the life-saving skill. When my wife and I knew we were going to become parents, we became child CPR certified. But now, a new bill being proposed would make CPR training mandatory for all high school students.

The bill has been introduced in South Dakota by the American Heart Association and would require every high school aged student in the state to get CPR certified before graduating. They estimate it would add 10,000 CPR trained individuals into the public every year.

The American Heart Association says that nearly 1 million people suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year. 90% of them could be saved with timely CPR. What do you think? Should Iowa and the rest of the nation follow South Dakota's lead? How many lives could be saved each year if more people were trained in CPR?


[via KCRG]

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