I mentioned on the air several times during Tuesday afternoon's tornado outbreak that I couldn't remember the last time we had so many tornado warnings in one day. Today, we found out just how many actual tornadoes there were.

The National Weather Service now says there were 11 confirmed tornadoes in the state of Iowa Tuesday, October 9, 2018. That's 20 percent of the total the state of Iowa saw in ALL of 2017 when there were 55 confirmed tornadoes. None of those were in October.

The good news is the eleven tornadoes did very little damage. Here is where they hit:

  1. Less than a mile southeast of Blairstown in Benton County. No damage.
  2. Three miles southwest of Creston in Union County. Strongest tornado of the day with estimated peak winds of 115 to 120 mph. Garage, mobile home, and tree damage. 2.4 miles on the ground.
  3. Nine miles south of Stuart in Adair, County.
  4. Three miles southwest of Centerville in Appanoose County.
  5. Two miles south of Rathbun in Appanoose County.
  6. Three miles east/southeast of Janesville in Black Hawk County.
  7. Seven miles northwest of Brooklyn in Poweshiek County.
  8. Six miles east/northeast of Tama in Tama County.
  9. Four miles north/northwest of Clutier in Tama County.
  10. Eight miles northwest of Montezuma in Poweshiek County.
  11. Seven miles southwest of Grinnell in Poweshiek County.

That makes 58 confirmed tornadoes in Iowa in 2018. Thankfully, Iowa's weather is finally drying out but don't let your guard down for severe weather. There were 19 confirmed tornadoes in Iowa on November 11, 2015.

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