I always thought that sharing a birthday with a sibling would be fun. That is until I had two kids of my own who shared a birthday. Sure, when they were little it was cute and adorable. We could 'save' and just have one party. But now that they're older, it's a nightmare! Despite the headaches, August 26th is an amazing day in the Brainard family.

First came Chase Stephen Brainard on August 26th, 2004. Our first little miracle. I remember how strong Holly was during child birth. I remember crying in my mother's arms after realizing I was finally a father. And I remember looking down at him and being scared to death. How was I supposed to keep this little thing alive? I remember Holly crying when we turned down our street on the way home from the hospital. We were first-time parents and we had no clue what we were doing. But, we figured it out and the joys of parenthood began!

Carly Kay Brainard came two weeks early on August 26th, 2008. No, we did not 'plan' on having children that close together. It's just one of those things that just happens. I remember Holly calling me and telling me that her water just broke. I told her that it can't...it's Chase's birthday! We all drove to the hospital and quickly discovered some problems. Carly was breech and couldn't be turned. It was going to be a C-section for Holly. I can still see that operating room and the huge curtain that blocked us from seeing what was going on. Again, can I mention how amazing my wife is? I know she was scared but she was strong and brave. They brought us our little girl and I was in heaven. While they took care of Holly after the surgery, I remember cradling Carly in a waiting room, just the two of us. Father and daughter. What a moment.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

If you ask Chase, life after that was never the same. Not only did he have to share the house and his parent's attention with a sister, he had to share his BIRTHDAY with her too! But the two got along and we as a family learned how to do two birthdays on the same day. How you ask? Well in its current form we have one birthday party for the both of them where we invite family members to attend. Then, each of them is allowed to do a fun party with some of their friends from school. I'm not sure what the age limit will be on those, but Chase is closing in quick.

To add even MORE of an emphasis on August 26th, it is also my mom and dad's wedding anniversary! Talk about the ultimate gift. We gave them a grandchild on their anniversary TWICE!

So to Steve and Nancy Brainard, Happy Anniversary! And to Chase and Carly, Happy 13th and 9th birthday on August 26th! How could one day get any better than that?

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