What if I told you there was a way to cut the waiting time in line for women's bathrooms at concerts and sporting events. Would I have your attention? Let's face it. It's just not fair the length of time that women have to wait to use the bathroom. But thanks to new research we now have a solution that could cut waiting times by up to 400%!

First of all, there are some scenarios where simply adding more toilets in the women's bathroom that would also cut wait times. But the easiest way to cut times for the ladies is to make every restroom Unisex. In every stadium, concert hall, auditorium everywhere. Coed bathrooms would cut wait times for women from an average of 6 minutes down to 90 seconds! Yes, guys, your wait time would go up slightly. Take a look at the video below for an explanation of how it all would work.

So the question is this. Would you be willing to use unisex bathrooms if it meant shorter waiting times for women? I've been to too many concerts and seen the horror stories known as bathroom lines that women have to face. There has to be a better way to lay out restrooms for patrons. Is this the answer?


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