Chapman Fun World. It was the destination for fun for Cedar Rapids residents for generations. If you've lived here your entire life, you probably went there countless times.

Chapman Fun World opened in 1953 and seemed to always change and adapt.  It started with an 18-hole miniature golf course, had batting cages, and a driving range. Then would come a double-deck driving range, the only one in Iowa. Archery ranges and a par-3 golf course came and then, in the 1960s, trampolines. Chapman's didn't have to go far to find those trampolines, designed by Iowa native and Cedar Rapids Washington graduate George Nissen, who is the inventor of the trampoline.

The entertainment complex would become home to Cedar Rapids' first lighted golf course, would have an indoor driving range, and then indoor putting. Chapman's would later have a massive waterslide and a dozen rides designed for younger kids. Through the years, the place definitely had something for everyone.

This commercial is from 1987.

Chapman Fun World closed for good in September 2001, and is now the location of Williams Plaza, at 3001 Williams Blvd. S.W.

Though it's been closed for nearly two decades, its 48 years provided plenty of memories for all those who got to experience it. What was your favorite at Chapman's... the water slide, bumper boats, arcade, go-carts, trampoline Spaceball, or something else?

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