Over the past few weeks, I’d been really getting into Iowa basketball. Just like everyone else in America, I’d been keeping up with Caitlin Clark and the rest of this amazing team led by coach Lisa Bluder.

I’d gone to see the Lady Hawkeyes take on Penn State the week before Valentines Day. Of course Iowa came out on top in that one!

I took my dad to the game when I made a visit to Iowa in February! We actually ended up loving the energy of an Iowa basketball game, that we ended up going the next week to check out the guys.


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A game that was a bit of a toss up, took place about a week later. 

This time it was the Men’s Basketball team that was about to take to the court. The guys got all of Carver-Hawkeye Arena on the edge of their seats in a nail biter against Wisconsin.

They ended up winning in overtime!

So, I’ve had some pretty exciting moments in Iowa City.

I was really getting into all of the traditions that come along with attending an Iowa game...

Well, except for one...

Since this was an afternoon game, I found myself to be really hungry. I left a bit early so I could get a good parking spot and forgot to eat a big breakfast. So, I was walking all across the arena for some food.

Of course I ended up getting myself some chicken tenders and fries, which were delicious by the way!

I like to get a healthy dose of ketchup for my fries. It was at this point that I saw something that shifted my worldview and definitely question why I decided to move out to Iowa.

This condiment station stopped me in my tracks...


If you're a Midwest native, it probably doesn't look like anything out of the ordinaty.

How about we just get a bit closer, huh?


Why on God's green Earth is there an option to pump RANCH onto your food when there isn't a salad in sight?!?

Did I miss the salad stand at Carver-Hawkeye Arena?!?

When I go to a game or a concert and I’m snagging some food, I’m thinking of decorating it with ketchup, mustard, or maybe even relish and a DAB of mayo. 

I’ve never went for a hotdog and thought, 

“Dang, I really wish I could dunk this entire bun in a little side pool of ranch on my plate.”

While I do respect everyone’s American right to enjoy whatever condiment they choose, this might be a little too Midwestern even for me.

I've lived in Iowa for three years now and I've never seen a condiment station like this.

I'm okay with my friends dunking their pizza in ranch...

I'm fine with the server me offering ranch when I order fries ( I don't take them, but I'm used to it by now)...

But this is just so strange and otherworldly to me, and I don't know if I'll ever get used to this.

I'll cheer for your teams, Iowa but I don't know if I can encourage this type of behavior.

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