Riding RAGBRAI  across the state of Iowa is a huge commitment, one that you should probably train for if you're not a serious cyclist. This year, there will be three new training events for riders and one of them will have an Eastern Iowa route.

RAGBRAI will host Training Series! Big Rove on Saturday, June 29th. Its a one day, 36-mile ride along the Iowa River Corridor Trail with stops in Iowa City, North Liberty, and Solon. The event is centered around the Big Grove Brewery. RAGBRAI is also hosting two other training events, Pigtails 3 on May 18th and BACooN Ride 6 on June 15th.

The rides are all a warm-up for the main event, RAGBRAI June 21 - 27. These Saturday organizers will be announcing the eight Iowa communities that will be featured as stops on this summer's ride. The announcement will be live streamed from the RAGBRAI website.


[via KCRG]

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