It was great while it lasted!

The pandemic has been rough on restaurants, with hundreds of them in the area closing down over the past several years. Even some of those who have tried to make another go of it are now succumbing to the same issues that caused them or their predecessors to close in the first place

That brings me to a downtown Cedar Rapids Italian restaurant that has, sadly, announced its closure once again.

After initially closing in December of 2020, Popoli Ristorante & Sullivan's Bar was reborn last fall, back last September in its original location at 101 3rd Ave SW.  This time, the announcement from Popoli is something a little different.

The folks at Popoli will be discontinuing operations on May 8, and shortly thereafter turning the restaurant over to Peppercorn Food Company, who on June 1 will make it an addition to the increasingly popular event venue business here in Cedar Rapids.

Our company Christmas party was held at Popoli in 2019, just months before the pandemic started. The food was delicious and the staff accommodating, and we are sad to see them close once again.

Peppercorn Food Company is a catering and event business, located at 426 1st Avenue NW and operated by Jude Villafana, Popoli patrons are being directed there for more information.

For inquiries and questions, you should contact Jude Villafana at (319)654-6044 or

Popoli Ristorante & Sullivan's Bar, Facebook
Popoli Ristorante & Sullivan's Bar, Facebook

Another recent restaurant closure happened in Solon, where the owners of Red Vespa Pizzeria decided to shut down after 6 years due to staffing issues, Learn more here.

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