Almost two weeks ago, $150,000 worth of motorcycles and more were stolen from the family-owned A-1 Performance Power Sports off Mt. Vernon Rd. Now, another robbery has taken place at a business right down the street.

Edith Lucielle's Bait Shack & Wing Depot was the latest business to experience theft. As you can see from the Facebook post, the crook (or crooks) waited for the restaurant to close up before attempting to break in. They apparently moved the exterior cameras and shattered the back door glass. Despite the slight damage, the good news is that police were on scene within a few minutes.

Edith Lucielle's doesn't play around when it comes to security either. As mentioned in the post, they not only have cameras, but motion detectors, door sensors, and shatter sensors. The best part of the story is that the robber didn't get away with much of anything as the business doesn't keep cash in the building. As Edith's Facebook post stated "NEVER CASH HERE JUST SOME LIQUOR AND AWESOME PULLED PORK." It's unclear if the robber got away with some delicious dinner, but if so, hopefully they enjoyed it because it appears justice will be served soon.

Police have evidence and a description of the criminal's vehicle, but anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact the Cedar Rapids Police department.

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