I've never wanted Pizza Hut more than I do right now.

According to Thrillist, Pizza Hut made a delicious announcement yesterday. I present to you: Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza!

The article states:

"The Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza begins with the salty cheddar flavor we all know and love from the beloved baked crackers -- infused into a dough, then filled with your choice of cheese or pepperoni and cheese."

I wouldn't really say it's a pizza... it's more of a toasted ravioli or a small calzone. Whatever you want to call it doesn't matter to me, though, because it looks AMAZING. Cheez-Its and pizza are two of my favorite foods... how could this possibly be bad?!

Each order of the "pizza" comes with four squares and costs $6.49. It's available at locations nationwide, but only for a limited time, so you should probably get to Pizza Hut ASAP if you're interested. I'll see you there.

[Via Thrillist]

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