Iowa is known for quite a large number of interesting and sometimes strange attractions. One cemetery in Monroe county would make an eerie but exciting Iowa road trip.

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Hickory Grove Cemetery near the town of Avery is known for three unsettling structures that reside on the edge of the graveyard. They are often called the Great Pyramids of Avery.

These three pyramids were constructed in 1939 by an Ancient Egyptian Historian named Axel Peterson according to Only In Your State. Peterson was fascinated by the works of this ancient civilization, so much so that he actually erected several smaller pyramids right here in the Hawkeye State.

Courtesy of Adventuring with Ryan Byrd via YouTube
Courtesy of Adventuring with Ryan Byrd via YouTube
Adventuring with Ryan Byrd
Adventuring with Ryan Byrd

Located in the Hickory Grove Cemetery near Avery, these tiny structures were constructed with the same measurements as their more famous counterparts in Egypt. They are a fraction of the height of the Giza pyramids: with the Pyramids in Giza measuring up at almost 500 feet while these come in around 15 feet.

Peterson actually created these to be tombs for him and his best friend. The larger of the three structures was intended for him. His wishes for where he will be laid to rest were not respected. The historian was buried in another town.

One man took a bit of a tour of the cemetery with a special focus on these pyramid tombs. You can check out the full video down below.

There's no official reason as to why this man's last requests were not granted. What we do know though is that all three of these tombs remain empty to this day.

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