The FDA is preparing to authorize the use of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in children ages 12 to 15 by early next week, according to the New York Times. A federal official confirmed the plans, which would open up the vaccine to millions more people in the United States.

Pfizer announced trial results several weeks ago the showed their vaccine was at least as effective in adolescents as it is in adults. Vaccinating children is another key in raising the level of immunity in the U.S. and lowering the overall  number of hospitalizations. The Times reports that the emergency use authorization could come as early as late this week, with the CDC to meet afterwards to go over clinical data and make their final recommendations for the use of the vaccine in kids.

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So how many parents will sign their kids up for the vaccines? Count me as one that will. Our 16 year old son Chase has already had his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and gets his final dose this week. He had no issues or side effects. The new of younger children now becoming eligible means that our 12 year old daughter Carly can get the vaccine too. Our youngest daughter Cayleigh, who is 11, told me last night after we talked about the news, "just missed it, Dad!"

I can't tell you what to do with your kids. I can only tell you what I was thinking when I made mine get the vaccine. My kids are involved with youth sports and look forward to going to school in person in the fall. Being vaccinated against COVID is only going to give them, and parents like us, more peace of mind when they do those activities.


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