Pepsi is launching a competitor to a Coke product you probably don't even know about yet; coffee infused cola.

Pepsi Café will come in two flavors, regular and vanilla. Pepsi said they're trying to find something that works to get cola sales up, because things have been slow going for about 20 years. You might've noticed how Mountain Dew and some of the other fruitier flavors are always much, much more empty than the colas. They also said functional beverages are increasing in revenue, such as the canned and bottled coffees. Pepsi sees the rise in the market of mixing beverage categories, with drinks like White Claw surpassing $1 billion this year.

You might think this idea sounds familiar, and that's because it is. Pepsi had an attempt at a coffee infused cola in the 90's called Pepsi Kona.

There's no confirmed release date for the new drink, but they have said it will only be available for a limited time.

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