The year was 1992. I was in high school, and like every other teen my age, soda was a big part of my life. So you can imagine my reaction when Pepsi came out with the first clear cola, Crystal Pepsi. My 17 year old mind was blown. How did they do it? How could you have a clear cola? Little did I know, all they did was NOT add food coloring. Even the marketing campaign behind it was great. What teen in the early 90's could resist a Van Halen hook?

I loved everything about Crystal Pepsi. But apparently, the rest of the nation didn't. The product was soon off the shelves. Flash forward to today. An online campaign began back in April to bring back Crystal Pepsi. Over 1.2 million people got on board. They even put up a billboard near a Pepsi plant in New York! Well, it seems as if Pepsi may cave to consumer demand. The company sent out a letter thanking people for being so enthusiastic about the product and "we think you'll be happy with what's in store. Stay tuned." Is Crystal Pepsi on it's way back? Am I just having a 90's flash back? Who cares...cue up some more Van Halen.

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