PepsiCo has announced they're changing two of their products to accommodate an ingredient change. Will it make you drink them again?

Less than a year ago, Pepsi removed aspartame from Pepsi MAX and Diet Pepsi. Aspartame had been shown to cause cancer in lab mice and the thought was people had begun to stop drinking the two products, as a result. However, customers weren't pleased with the taste with a new sweetener, so Pepsi is now bringing it back.

Pepsi is introducing Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend, that WILL contain aspartame. This fall, here in the U.S., they'll also reintroduce Pepsi MAX that will also contain aspartame. That product will be known as Pepsi Zero Sugar. Diet Pepsi itself will not change and will still not have aspartame.

Personally, I think all the changes in product names are part of the problem. We're creatures of habit. We grab what we know is our favorite and we're always in a hurry. So, when I look at a product on the shelves and don't automatically know what it is, I'm not going to take time to study or buy it.

[via KCCI]