Cedar Rapids' only comedy club may be opening its doors as soon as next month!

It's been a long time since they've had a comedy show on their calendar, but that may soon change! According to a new Facebook post, Penguin's Comedy Club in Downtown Cedar Rapids hopes to reopen sometime next month.

The first update from Penguin's came back on July 9th. Two posts went up on Facebook, with one of them reading: "News about Penguin's soon. It’s exciting and laughs will be back soon." Just a few short days later, another update revealed more promising information: "New owners. Check. Keys in hand. Check. Reopen date... stay tuned." The latest post revealed that those new owners hope to have Penguin's reopened by September! But, they can't do that without staff.

Penguin's Comedy Club is currently looking to hire bartenders, servers, and door people. The post reads, "I know everybody says it’s hard to find help but this will be the most fun, coolest job, and a chance to meet celebrity comedians." If you're interested in applying, you can email your resume to Tsmock@smockinvestments.com.

Penguin's first opened in Cedar Rapids back in 1989, and, according to an article from the Corridor Business Journal, was "originally located in a basement space just across from the Hotel Roosevelt on First Avenue." Like most event venues, COVID-19 made a negative impact on the 32-year-old comedy club. With pandemic regulations and a lack of touring comedians, the shows scheduled for 2020 ended up getting cancelled. We're hoping Penguin's will be able to reopen as planned next month, and we look forward to seeing some live comedy in the near future!

Speaking of live comedy, there are some big names set to make stops at larger venues in Iowa these next few months! You can check out the full list HERE.

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