What an eventful couple of nights! Season 15 of NBC's 'The Voice' has come to an end, with Chevel Shepherd being named the big winner. That's two wins in a row for Kelly Clarkson! Since my favorite contestant was taken out of the game last week, there wasn't one particular person I was passionately rooting for, although I would've liked to see Kennedy Holmes be the youngest winner ever.

On Monday night, each of the four remaining contestants performed three times. They all did an original song, a song with their coach, and one final cover song.

My favorite original song was Chevel Shepherd's "Broken Hearts." It fit her voice really well, the lyrics were beautiful, and she really made it sound like her own song, which I think is pretty difficult given the short time frame. Plus, she looked absolutely stunning!

My favorite cover song of the week went to Kennedy Holmes. She did Demi Lovato's "Confident," and HOLY SMOKES. Not only can this girl sing, but she can dance really well, and she has this insane natural stage presence. And then you have to consider the fact that she just turned 14...

And speaking of Kennedy, she also had my favorite duet of the week. She teamed up with Coach Jennifer Hudson for the song "Home," and their voices meshed together SO well. That's crazy to say, considering that Kennedy is only FOURTEEN. I seriously cannot stress that enough.

I also want to give a shout out to Chris Kroeze for his performance with the Doobie Brothers Tuesday night. It was INCREDIBLE!

Were you happy with last night's results? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Check out all the performances from the finale HERE.

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