It's finally complete!

A few months ago, I came across a photo on Facebook from a local tattoo artist that blew my mind. I've been wanting a sunflower tattoo for several years now, but after looking through hundreds of photos online, I just couldn't decide what type of design or style I wanted to do. Then I saw this amazing piece from artist Kane Cook:

I knew right then and there that I found exactly the style that I was looking for! I made an appointment with Kane at Evolution Tattoo in Cedar Rapids pretty soon after, and then yesterday, he made my dream a reality.

I went into the shop on Wednesday with five tattoos, but none nearly as detailed or colorful as the one I walked out with. He started my sunflower shortly after noon, and I didn't end up leaving until 8:40 p.m. It was an incredibly long day, but all the guys at the shop were hilarious and awesome and it was a great distraction from the pain. And yes, it was definitely painful a times. Unlike the tattoo above, mine is located on the back of my arm on my triceps. The closer the gun got to my armpit, the worse it got. Overall, though, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. And now I'm lucky enough to have this work of art on my body forever (please excuse how enormously swollen my arm is - the photo was taken shortly after the tattoo was completed:

Kane Cook
Kane Cook

It's going to take lots of time for my sunflower to heal, but I'm already excited about getting another tattoo (they're so addictive)! This was the first one I've had done in Cedar Rapids, but it definitely won't be my last.

Do you have an amazing tattoo that you want to show off? Post a photo in the comments or shoot us a message on the app!

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