One year ago we got into a national debate about the color of a dress. Now, a jacket has turned the internet into a color test. Here is the jacket in question. What color do you see?

I'll admit it right now. I see black and gold. But the real color of the jacket? Blue and white! Others see green and brown. Why is that? Are half of us color blind? That could be for some, but the real explanation goes a bit deeper. Some people see different colors due to what's called Top-Down Processing, where we simply see what our brain expects us to see. If you've ever fallen for the illusion of a picture of two different colors that turn out to be the same color, that is why.

Another reason we see the jacket differently is called Color Constancy. This means that the object's surroundings and environment influence our perception of the item. In the case of the dress, and now the jacket, the item is photographed up close so our brain makes interpretations about how the light is falling on it. If you want a more detailed description on why our brains interpret colors differently, check out the video below.


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