Looking at the exterior of the Dibble House in Eldon, Iowa you know you've seen it before. There is just something about the large second-story window that looks oddly familiar. You are, of course, correct. The Dibble house, constructed in1881 by Charles and Catherine Dibble would go on to be the setting for one of the most famous paintings ever.

The Dibble House is better known as the American Gothic House. Iowa native Grant Wood famously spotted the house in 1930 and would go on to use it as the backdrop for his world-famous piece 'American Gothic'. According to AmericanGothicHouse.org, the home is now owned by the state of Iowa, which acquired it back in 1991. So why did Grant Wood choose this house for his painting? It's all because of that second-story window.

AmericanGothicHouse.org tells that Wood thought that the window looked "pretentious" for such a small home. The window was believed to be for decorative purposes only. However, it was later discovered that it swung open to allow furniture to be moved into the second story since the staircase in the house was too narrow.

Today, the house still sits where it was built all those years ago. The trip to 300 American Gothic Street in Eldon, Iowa is one that many Iowans take each year. They even provide a pitchfork for you to hold if you'd like to recreate the scene involving Grant Wood's sister and dentist. Is there a more famous house in the state of Iowa? I certainly can't think of one!

Facebook via American Gothic House and Center
Facebook via American Gothic House and Center


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