If you live in the North Liberty area and you're looking for some healthy food and beverage options, we'd like to introduce you to a brand new business!

Smash Juice Bar & Eatery, located at 620 Pacha Parkway in North Liberty, just opened in late October. According to their Facebook page:

"Smash juice bar offers healthy farm to table meals at a modern pace. Life is busy and boy do we get that!! Options are limited when it comes to healthy fast food. Our true purpose is to change that."

The new eatery is owned by Tina Whitney and Brandon Crane, and Tina, who works in the fitness industry, told The Gazette that they wanted to show people that "healthy can taste good." The main menu items at Smash are their smoothies and cold-pressed juices. The article states:

"Each juice is designed around a different health goal and includes about two pounds of produce per 16-ounce bottle."

Tina says she has been working on the different smoothie recipes for about 15 years, and none of them include ice cream or syrup. You know what does include syrup, though? The waffles!

Smash offers a few different food options, and that includes a waffle bar. You can order wheat protein waffles or Paleo gluten-free waffles and choose from various fruit and dry toppings. They also sell acai bowls, soup, salads, avocado toast, a hummus plate, and a meat & cheese board. If you're a fan of kombucha, they offer that, too! Here's a look at the menu board that was posted to Facebook:

If you want to give Smash Juice Bar & Eatery a try, it's open seven days a week. You can read more about the restaurant HERE and follow them on Facebook HERE!

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