You've got your list. You only need three things. Trash bags, toilet paper, and milk. Just get in and get out. How many of you have uttered that when pulling into the parking lot of your local Target store? You only need three things...and then end up spending $90. How? Why? While no one has a concrete answer, at least you can know this. You're not alone.

A new study found that 90% of people who shop at Target end up buying items that they weren't planning on getting. Yes, it's the old impulse buy. It's why they say never go grocery shopping when you're hungry. But how do you combat the sale stickers at Target?

83% of people say they've purchased something just because it had a red sale sticker on it. They didn't even NEED it, but had to have it because it was on sale. And there it is. The reason that when you only need three things, you spend $100 and can't remember doing it.


[via Buzzfeed}

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