There's a new record-holder for the world's oldest dog and he's named after a longtime country music singer.

According to Guinness World Records, the oldest dog in the world was born on January 9, 2001. Today, April 20, this amazing pooch is 21 years, 3 months, and 11 days old.

Gisela Shore adopted the little fella when he was just a few months old from an animal shelter. She's had him ever since. Shore told Guinness, "I was a volunteer at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue and one of the employees told me about an elderly couple trying to surrender a puppy because they could not take care of him any longer. I met with the elderly couple and I was introduced to a tiny tan Chihuahua. They had named him Peanut Butter."

Shore wasn't a big fan of that name but obviously is a huge supporter of a certain country music singer. She decided to name the dog TobyKeith (with no space so as not to create confusion, I guess).

It's perfect! Even though TobyKeith is a little dog (stay with me here), Toby Keith the singer has had multiple songs that included 'dog' in the title. Heck, he even released an album called 'Big Dog Daddy' in 2007. The title track was cut six on the album.

Three years later, Toby recorded the song "Every Dog Has Its Day".

Nine years ago, People reported Toby Keith, the singer, had three dogs. Little did we know then, that he's also had at least one dog named after him for all these years.

When TobyKeith was recognized as the world's oldest dog last month, his reward was a bath, nail trim, and seemingly every dog's favorite thing... a car ride.

TobyKeith has made a ton of friends over the years. Guinness says that Shore has fostered more than 150 dogs from the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida over the last two decades.

I hope Gisela Shore and TobyKeith enjoy many more precious days together.

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