It's here! Rolled ice cream has made its way to Iowa. It actually made its debut on the streets of Thailand, but you can now get what appears to be a delectable treat here in Iowa.

A special machine freezes the liquid right away, so you can roll it up and create a masterpiece. How cold? Spencer Quick, co-owner of Sweet Swirls Rolled Ice Cream, told WHO that

It gets down to negative ten degrees to freeze the ice cream very quickly. We got the machine from overseas and got the ball rolling.”

He also says it has a different texture than the ice cream we're used to and is also creamier. Here's a quick video showing how rolled ice cream indeed rolls right up when scraped off the machine.

This high-speed video shows the process of personalizing to a specific person's taste. Click the right arrow on the video to see the finished product. Yes, please!

Here are a couple more finished masterpieces.

Ok, I'll stop. If you're like me you can't take any more, unless that cup really is sitting in front of you! So, where do you get it?! Sweet Swirls Rolled Ice Cream just opened a storefront in Ankeny, after being a food truck for just a few months. Is it any wonder demand caused them to open a store so soon?

Unfortunately, this is the only Iowa location currently open. However, there's one expected to open in Iowa City soon. It's called Rollipop Rolled Ice Cream, and is located at 1608 Sycamore Street. When it opens, look for me in line.

[via WHO]

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