What a fun way to promote a new business!

Earlier this week, a new Cedar Rapids restaurant called Sacred Cow Tavern made a fun announcement on Facebook. The restaurant, which just opened its doors on Halloween, is challenging Iowans to a bit of a scavenger hunt! What they've done is painted some rocks bright red with black cows on them and hid them around the Downtown Cedar Rapids area. The post reads:

"Once found, bring it on in to our establishment, and we will reward you with ONE free drink!

Happy hunting! 

*bonus points if you take a picture of the location you found it and share it with us!*"

Folks in the comments have been sharing photos of some of the places they've found the rocks, including outside the Linn County Public Health Building, LP Street Food, Cafe Saint Pio, and Hills Bank. Based on the post, it looks like Sacred Cow hid quite a few of these rocks, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more!

Sacred Cow Tavern is located at 1000 7th St SE in Cedar Rapids and has some delicious-sounding menu items. I went there the week that they opened and had a great experience! We ordered the Nacho Fries, the Poutine Burger, and the Chicken Gyro Caesar Salad during our visit, but I still want to try the Parmesan Pickle Fries, the Cheese Dip Burger, and the Peanut Butter Smores Cup!  You can check out some photos I took at the new restaurant HERE.

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