As an early winter storm warning blankets a large part of the the state of Iowa this weekend, a newly issued scientific report says climate change will severely affect US economy over the next 100 years, especially in the Midwest.
Hundreds of scientists contributed to the report that says:
The Midwest region is expected to be hit the hardest, with higher temperatures, drought and flooding contributing to a decline in soybeans and corn -- two of the Midwest's main commodities, the report said. As a result, the region could potentially produce less than 75 percent of the corn it currently produces, and lose more than 25 percent of its soybean yield.
The report was issued by 13 Federal agencies, and contains facts that are tough to dispute.
And when the average 50 year old person stops to think just how quickly 100 years can pass, you realize that our current generation of kids will be the ones who will be directly affected by these changes.
You can find the report here.
[source: ABC News]

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