The City of Cedar Rapids today released details of a new 25-story high rise building to be built next to the Paramount Theatre.

The proposed construction project will change the Cedar Rapids city skyline and is the brainchild of downtown developer Steve Emerson of Aspect Architecture. Steve and his team do great work and their creative construction fingerprints are all over this community.

The $72.9 million project would be across the street from Smulekoff's and next door to the Paramount. It will feature a main floor grocery store, condos, apartments, retail and office space, parking areas and lots of other amenities.

While many are understandably excited to see the project move forward, this reporter is NOT too happy about it!

Why? Our radio stations currently enjoy a very nice view of the city skyline from our 4th floor studios of the Plaza 425 building at 4th Ave. and 2nd St SE - and this new 300 ft. skyscraper will likely block that out! How unfair is that to ruin our view....just for the sake of progress!

I'm joking of course. We would be thrilled to see the new development begin construction as soon as possible.

According to the Gazette, what happens next is that "a stakeholder review panel will consider the proposal, and ultimately the City Council will vote on whether to allow the project to move forward, likely in August or early September."

[source: Gazette]

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