Do you remember when Netflix was one of the lower-priced streaming services available? I sure do. Then, in 2014, they announced their first price hike in years. They've raised prices every two years since then, and they're about to do it again.

Reuters reports that the streaming company will raise rates by $1 to $2 in the United States depending on your plan. The standard plan, which allows for two streams at the same time will now cost $15.49 a month in the U.S. The increase took effect immediately for new customers. Existing Netflix users will see the price hike in the coming weeks when they get their latest bill.

A spokesperson told Reuters that the price hike comes so the company can continue to offer a wide variety of entertainment. The company reportedly spent $17 billion on programming in 2021. Want proof? Look at two of the Netflix original movies that came out in late 2021. Red Notice and Don't Look Up. Both movies had amazing casts with actors that don't exactly work for free! Stars like The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence are all Hollywood heavy hitters, and they don't work for free!

In fact, Netflix has now surpassed even HBO Max in terms of cost per month. You can still get HBO Max for $11.99 for three months. Disney+ is just $7.99 per month. I remember switching to streaming services to save money over cable. Weren't THOSE the good old days!

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