With the amount of writing that we now have to do on a weekly basis, you get pretty good at spelling. Or, you get really good at using spell check. What on earth did we all do before the invention of that program? But most of us still have some problems spelling a few words in the English language. And most of the time, they're fairly short and simple words.

Google Trends took a look at some of the most commonly misspelled words. In fact they broke it down by state. The most commonly misspelled word, and its a big one at nine whole letters, is beautiful. It was the most misspelled word in California, Nevada, Oregon, North Dakota, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. There is one state that has trouble spelling a four letter word! That state is Tennessee. The word they look up the most for help is gray. That is the most common spelling here in the U.S., but other countries go with grey.

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Iowa shares it's word with Ohio, and it proves how much one little letter can make a difference. Iowans' look up the word dessert more than any other. With two 'S',  you're talking something sweet to eat. With one 'S' you're in the Sahara. I get it. I've messed that one up from time to time too.

Other words we need help with include, quiet, color, donut, bagel, equal, friend, career, and hungry. Once again, some simple advice for anyone who needs some spelling help. Spell check, people. Spell check!


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