You rarely hear stories about the NCAA loosening rules on a college sport, but the word of college wrestling got just that this week. It won't change the sport, but it addresses two issues that competing athletes have had an issue within past years.

Starting next season, the NCAA says that collegiate wrestlers can wear looser fitting shorts. If you're like me, that something tough to imagine. The wrestling singlet has been the uniform of choice as long as I can remember. Now, per NCAA rules, wrestlers will be able to wear a form-fitting shirt and then looser shorts on the bottom. I assume that it will be more comfortable for the competitors but how strange will it be to watch a wrestling match and not see both competitors in a singlet!

The other big change the NCAA is allowing is that it will allow wrestlers to grow their hair to any length. The rule book used to determine how long their hair could be. Are we going to see some long flowing locks on the wrestling mat soon? Somehow I doubt it. Too much of a risk at getting pulled during a match, but I get allowing athletes the freedom of expression.

Both of these new rules will go into effect for the upcoming wrestling season.

[via KCRG]

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