The NCAA took its time to update its sports wagering reinstatement guidelines. There were several delays in the ruling that gave many, including Iowa defensive lineman Noah Shannon hope that they would eventually be able to return to the field of play. Hawkeye fans did not get the news they were hoping for on Wednesday.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the NCAA has ruled that penalties for athletes who bet on other sports at their own school will start with having to sit out one season. That ends Iowa sixth-year senior defensive lineman Noah Shannon's playing career at Iowa. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz previously stated that Shannon had made a bet on another Iowa sports team. In a statement, Ferentz said that he is 'heartbroken' for Shannon.

Noah did not break any laws. He did not commit any crimes. And yet he is being severely over-punished by a membership committee that refuses to see perspective or use common sense. ... Noah is being sidelined because the NCAA is ruling on an investigation that they did not instigate, using an uneven system of justice to severely punish an excellent young man.

The Gazette reports that the ruling by the NCAA also affects Iowa wrestlers Nelson Brands and Abe Assad. As seniors their wrestling careers at Iowa are now over. Previously, the NCAA had ruled that any athlete that bet on a sport at their school would face the loss of college eligibility entirely. The Gazette reports that the NCAA deviated from that policy when punishing Shannon.

I understand that sports betting is legal in Iowa and other states. But as a collegiate athlete, you have to be aware of not only the rules of the NCAA, but the potential harm it can have on your career. One wager isn't worth ending your playing days.

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