One of THEE most popular donut shops in Iowa is bringing their sugary goodness to Marion on Thursday!

National Donut Day is Friday, but Hurts Donuts will be in Marion at 11 Thursday morning, with tasty treats in what they describe as their, "SPRINKLED WHAMBULANCE."

Hurts Donuts home base is at 1301 5th St. in Coralville. Where will they be in Marion Thursday morning? We're not exactly sure yet but there's one thing we'd like to point out to Hurts Donuts: You must pass by downtown Cedar Rapids to get to Marion. WE are in downtown Cedar Rapids. We're on the 4th Floor of Plaza 425 at 425 2nd St. SE and WE would LOVE to have you visit us. After all, we need to properly prepare the people of Marion (and those from Cedar Rapids and everywhere else that will be heading to Marion on Thursday) for the, as you call it, DONUT EMERGENCY.

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