This Halloween I only had one of my three kids go trick or treating. Chase has aged out of the annual tradition at 15 years old. That wasn't surprising. What did shock me was that 11-year-old Carly didn't want to go out this year.

9-year-old Cayleigh was our only trick or treater this year. She went out with a friend to several neighborhoods and brought back a nice amount of candy. She's already hiding it from everyone. We just expected her older sister Carly to want to go out too. But it didn't happen. It's Carly's first year of junior high so maybe she just feels like she's too old for it. Or perhaps, and this is MY best guess, enough of her friends weren't going so she didn't want to rock the boat.

She can always go again next year. I'm not a firm believer in cut off dates for trick or treating. Dress up and put forth some effort and I'll give you candy. Carly can always decide to go next year even if she is a year older. Until then, we're down to one trick or treater.

Holly Brainard
Holly Brainard

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